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January 27, 2014

Anyway so this week WOW a week of learning and growing ...
Alrighty so lets begin!
So Monday night we had a lesson with Erica which was good and then we knocked! We also had dinner at the Bishops house which was wonderful.  We have the Bishopric I have ever seen! Bishop Radricas is from Mexico and he is just so cool.  Him and his wife and 3 kids have the coolest hip fam along with his counselors.  So Tuesday we had a zone training in New Glasco (which is 1.5 hr away) and it was like "general conference" style but like for our mission - so President Leavitt and the assistants did the training at the mission home and the whole mission with our zones watched it on skype at the same time, then we would break off into role plays.  There was an hour after where the zone leaders conducted a training live just in our zones. So Monday night Elder Jarvis and Elder Steed called us and said they feel they would like to split that hour into quarters and have each of us 4 take 15 minutes to train.  They asked Sis Keeler to train on being motivated and they asked me to train on being a Bold missionary.... haha. So we were like yikes ok! So we had close to no time to prepare for this and we left at 7:30 am the next morning to be in New Glasgow  on time for the Zone training that day.
So tues: We had a great training! I love the sisters in our zone so much! It is such a blessing to work with such humble sisters that just have the desire to do their best! We get along with them so well and have so much fun and I am just looking forward so much to learning and helping them become their full potential! The trainings went great! Sis Keeler and I balance one another out so well!  She took 7 minutes to speak and I took like more than 15 haaha but she went first! It was great thought the zone is great and full of humble missionaries that have a great attitude! We went knocking and we picked up a couple to teach and taught them a lesson! I love serving with Sis K because everywhere we go we are talking to everyone and its just such real natural fun conversation- in the grocery store we go we have a great convo with absolutely everyone we can and usually get a potential! The Lord is truely blessing us! This area is alot different than Wolfville there are main areas to go street contacting, so we really are trial and error with the best way to prioritize our efforts in this area.  We have gone street contacting in parking lots (yes pretty greasy but got to do what we got to do!:) ) And in the parking lot we contact in, we can see the temple from it.  It’s great we stop people and are like yes that's a temple! You know what a temple is for?!? Perfect lead in line ;) .  But any way...
Weds: We had a meeting with the Dartmouth sisters they are the sisters.  We had a good meet with them where we gave our expectation and got theirs for us, we set a vision goal and planning cycle with them.  We set up times for us to street sing with one another and we are hoping to get a Free Haircutting booth up and going at the farm market here with them! They truly are humble and wanting to improve and we are working with them to help them with that!  We had interviews with Pres Leavitt Weds which was great and funny, he is such a funny guy and great example of having fun in the work but remaining focused and hard working! Weds was the night of the great and big "snow storm" much sarcasm is implied here as the town, school everything shuts down due to a normal Alberta snow ... not snow storm just snow haha its funny! But we still went and worked and knocked and contacted LA's and began teaching a LA.  Everything thought we were nuts, but we were just like this is normal for us Albertans! But we found a great potential that night as well as he was out shovelling and he has a family! We are looking forward to teaching him this week!
Thurs: We had a goal of two member presents we had one with Erica but the next lesson we had planned the investigator dropped us, well gave us a "I’ll call you" so we were like "NO Failure is not an option!" so we called all of the formers potentials to try and set up an appointment, nothing was working.  On our way out we looked at one another and was like well lets knock our neighbours doors, so we did and BOOM we set up an appointment with our neighbour.  We taught her with a member which they got along wonderfully and we picked her up as a new gator, we will be seeing her tomorrow again!  We also were blessed because we had a dinner at members home and Crystal who is our age, non member bf showed up half way through the dinner and we started teaching him as a new gator! The family is actually LA and the father who usually doesn't come down when missionaries are home has been LA for 8 yrs testified and taught with us when we taught crystals bf Abe! It was amazing he took a good liking to us.  The father said I apparently remind him of his niece! But we are looking forward to working with this family more! That evening we had a great lesson with another LA as well!
Friday: We taught a potential we met from the grocery store.  We met her at the church with her friend and we gave her and her friend a church tour and had a powerful lesson with them where we were blessed to pick them both up as new investigators! We had the concert at our church that evening where Jordan (gator from Wolfville) attended and missionaries from Nova Scotia area attended so I was able to see them all, it was great! As well as members from Kentville ward it was very exciting and we all just rejoiced with seeing one another :)! Jordan is getting baptised this Thursday whooo hooo! The members in that ward are just pumped right now for missionary work.  There will be like 4 baptims this month for them! In my interview with Pres L he told me that SIs A is on fire they put two people on date last week and Pres L told me that Sis Renda (her new comp. who has been out same amount of time as her) said that she is amazed at how much Sis A knows! I was so happy to hear that she's is great and I feel so blessed to have served with her!! I won't be attending Jordan's baptism but Sis A will take pictures and I am just happy it is happening!  The concert was great and we are continuing to get to know the members of the ward real well!
Saturday: We had a lesson with a LA that the relief society pres asked us to meet with.  For the second lesson we brought the RS pres with us it was a wonderful lesson! We did alot of contacting it was a GREAT day and we met some wonderful potential we hope to be teaching this week. We came home from a hard day of work to a wonderful text from our Bishop where he thanked us for all our hard work and said that Sis Edis (RS pres.) emailed him telling him how happy she is with the work we are doing.
Sunday: We had ward council and it was wonderful being able to meet the ward! We proposed the idea of a fireside that we had in mind and they loved the idea! At the end of ward council Bishop read the email out that Sister Edis emailed him and acknowledged the work we have been doing in front of everyone, is was very nice of him, the ward is trusting us and now we have set our vision and goal and just have to follow our plan to help the ward get excited and on FIRE for missionary work!! We had a great week and so many amazing things happened and much blessings!
I love this so much, we were blessed to reach alot of the goals we had set this week. We were able to pick up 6 new gators but unfortunately when 2nd lesson came around they did not stick - it was a tender mercy for us to have reached them.  We are still striving to find the real growth here and we have faith that we will! We feel strongly about work in the ward will do much here to help the ward from the inside out instead of the outside in!!
I have been very humbled this week! Serving with Sis K is very humbling and I am learning so much about myself. I am stepping back and learning to be more humble and allow her to take the lead and trust in her, I am learning and wanting to achieve the ability to completely forget myself and look to others.  The true nature of Christ to help others when we are in need of help.
I love all that I am learning and I am focusing on relying on the Lord instead of the flesh this week more! I am so grateful for everything I am learning and I am grateful for my weaknesses because I have total faith that through Christ we can be perfected!
I love you all very much and I am in amazement for how blessed we are to have one another!
Look outward and look through the window, pray for inspiration to see your weaknesses and to know how to help others with theirs!
I love you all very much and thank you for your amazing examples!
This week we are going on exchanges with New Glasgow and Sydney sisters- we will have one of us in our area this week but we have alot of travelling to do! Sydney is like 5 hours away! But we know we will be blessed and will go and do!
LOVE sister Pizzey
So exciting Keagan Gibb is blessed to come to the best mission ever!

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