Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 20, 2014

So this week has been amazing!!
I love my new area, and Sister Keeler and I are on a cloud right now serving with one another! This will be a point of my mission that I will always remember.  It has been so amazing coming back and serving with one another compared from 10 months ago in the MTC.  We have been sharing our great missionaries experiences, seeing the change in one another, learning from one another ... just rejoicing with one another!!  It’s great it reminds me when Alma and the sons of Mosiah meet up with one another from the time when they were converted till after much of their missionay service in Alma 17:2-3, as well in Alma 26 ... actually we feel just as it states in Alma 26.. " How great reason have we to rejoice!..... we have been made instrunments in the hands of God to bring about this great work!"

Now we don't have much time to email, only 20 mintues so I will do my best to share with you the week I have had.

For one it is just so amazing so serve with Sister Keeler we both are loving it, its crazy our missions have been soooo different and the skills that we have learnt are so beneficial!  I’ve loved my last companions but Sister Keeler and I are just like the same person.  We finish one another sentences and are just working like horses. The area and ward we have come into is really underworked, the apartment is nice, and it has been left quite remarkable the area book, wall map, everything in it is immaculate.  It is such a blessing because it has helped us immensly with the work!! 

We have elders in this ward, Elder Jarvis and Steed, Elder Jarvis and I served in Charlottetown ward at the same time.  You can tell these Elders just are stunned at how business we are. Apparently I have the rep. in the mission as a "really intense missionary" haha.  But its black or white!! Everyone is needing some motivation here.  We had a meeting and it was quite funny, sister keeler and I had our member book out writing notes, asking who we can see, what part member families.  We were like "okay well heres the list of families we were planning to see blah blah blah.... who else can we see" they just kind of looked at us stunned like "uhhh wow yes go see them!" haha it was funny, but Sister Keeler and I are quite excited to do some damage control and show this ward what the Work of Salvation is about and how through faith miracles brought to pass!!  BOOYAH!

So we starting serving in our area Thursday afternoon, so we instantly sat down set expectations our vision and goals, and plans, we are PUMPED for them, we just want to consecrate our selves!
My vision is to be 1) extra miler missionary- show the Lord that I will go that extra mile, stride, SACRIFICE brings the blessings of heaven! 2) more humility and charity 3)PMG missionary
My plan is to literally not rest till i lie my head down at night and sleep:)
We have been running after people, walking up to people in their trucks in parking lots and talking to them, talking to absolutely every person in our sight, we have been living off a loaf of bread and nutella for past 4 days, I have lots 4 pounds of the 20 I would like to lose... and we have a meal appointment everyday this week and at the Bishops tonight! We are just so excited to change things here and do absoluetly everything we can. We have set a goal of 3 baptisms and 1 reactivation for the next 12 weeks and we have faith that it will happen!

We are just learning so much from one another.  Everywhere we go we meet someone that we know was Gods plan, its amazing.  We picked up 3 new investigators this past week, and found a potential who after we talked to him on the phone his mother called back and said " I am depressed and really could use help with my Spiritual self could you help me with that?" Sister Keeler and I were like uhhhh YES! We will be teaching her tomorrow.
We picked up a man named Gary (who we actually met when he was sitting in the parking lot we walked up to his truck window).  His son is 15, he is a single parent, we taught a lesson with a member and he just soaked it up like  a sponge!  He is so sincere, real intent and wants this for him and his son! We started teaching Garys mother as well!
We had a great lesson with a LA and BOOM we are just "SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!"

We both needed this and feel like this a dream and that we are just going to soak every moment up with one another like a sponge and get filled up with fire, and bring it to our next companion and areas!
It's wonderful we are telling all of the ward members we are seeing all this, we share with everyone how we are MTC companions and how PL promised we'd serve with one another! It is great and the ward is excited!

Any who i have no time! But just know I love this work, there is no other place I would like to be right now other than HERE! I love serving the Lord.
I have really come to have an understanding of consecration ... think about it we promise to consecrate ourselves to the God in the temple... I know that "Seeking first the kingdom of  God" is so important and MUST be our first prioirity that its the only way to Salvation and eternal joy now and the next life. As we completely forget ourselves that is when we can be guided to Gods plan for us and be changed through Christ's atonement and become a saint. Mosiah 4:19. I think it is so important to continually set goals and changing and overcoming our weaknesses, Ether 12:27, and understanding that in this life we are here to change and prepare to meet God... and that through Christ we can!!

It is my Prayer that you all will pray and think about how you can become a consecrated member and continue to consecrate yourselves to Gods kingdom here on earth, and set goals so that you can continually grow, stretch and step out of your comfort zone and be an instrument in the Lords hands for others. It is amazing to live for others and serve others and that is where peace and joy comes from when we live in the moment for God and others, not just ourselves!
I love you all very much and have a great week!
Love Sister Pizzey

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