Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 - Cole Harbour here I come!!

So I am being transferred to Cole Harbour! I have been in the Kentville ward for 6 months and it is the time to move on now and to stretch myself and find those who I have been sent to serve in Cole Harbour Dartmouth! The Church is the one right beside the temple!! So this transfer is very bitter sweet as I am sad to leave the wonderful people we are teaching, the wonderful ward, and of course my wonderful companion, but it is also sweet BECAUSE: Erica!! Yes Erica who Sis T and I taught is living in that ward, and is still meeting with missionaries so I will be able to continue to teach and strengthen the Whalen family for baptism as Matt, her husband is on board! And I will also be serving with SISTER KEELER!! Whooo hooo! My mtc companion who has been in Newfoundland in the same area her whole mission!  Sister Keeler and I will be STL's for the Nova Scotia North zone as I am currently in the Nova Scotia South zone, we will be training sisters in Dartmouth, Sydney and New Glasco and next transfer there will be sisters in Truoro. It will be great for visits and exchanges to be STL companionship and I am just so excited! It will be very different because my past two companionships I have been driving the ship and taking the lead, so I will be learning a tone as we share that with one another- it will be a big learning experience and lots of fun and I can't wait and Erica is very excited as well!! 
Also Elder Prince has been transferred to Halifax YSA branch and is now serving as one of Presidents assistants (I called that) ! As Elder Clark who has been assistant for while will be serving as normal missionary for last two transfers of his mission! 
There is a tone of missionaries being transferred this transfer, something like 80 missionaries.. CRAZY!
It will be sad to say goodbye to Jordan and Jo but I am so grateful to have met them and I am pretty sure President will let me come back for Jordan's baptism on Jan 31!
SO this week has been great, I will be sending a box of stuff home this week so be prepared for that! And well this email may be brief today because of lack of time, but I will do my best to fill you in on everything :)
So Monday: Sister A and I went shopping with Jo on preparation day to find Sunday clothes! haha . It was great! We had a wonderful lesson with her then we knocked afterwards.
Tues: We had District training which was great we talked about the importance of the BOM and how we need that to be the keystone of our teaching, finding and conversion of LA and investigators.  We were able to testify how Jo read BOM for 3 days and how it softened her heart to come to church. The Book of Mormon is just absolutely wonderful it can soften ones heart, resolve concerns better than any other way. I personally can testify of that as almost 2 years ago when I read it it CHANGED MY LIFE!  After we had a visit with the Halifax Family Sisters for the day in our area, it was good.  Sis Jungheim finally let the wall down and started talking to me and once I got her to start talking, she wouldn't stop so that was great! Then Tues night we went to Halifax where Sis A slept at the sisters in Halifax apt. and Sis Sanberg and I (STL in Newbrunswick) both went  to sleep at the mission home, as we both had leadership training there with all the zone leaders, and STL's  for the next 1.5 day.
Weds: We went to the temple that was wonderful! Newfoundland leaders weren't there due flights being cancelled so they skyped us afterwards for the training. The temple was amazing though! Haven't been there since Sept! Then we had an amazing training I just feel so blessed to be serving in this mission with such an amazing Mission President.  President Leavitt cares so much for each and every one of us and I have learnt soooo much life skill from him and SIster Leavitt. We split up into 4 groups during the training and each group discussed either 1)member presents 2)Sacrament meeting attendance 3)turning all contacts into real investigators 4)putting and keeping ppl on date. My group discussed member present; we all discussed that topic and recorded video on that which will be used for zone and district trainings coming up! 
At the end of it President gave a group training on repentance as well it was very powerful, made me reflect on past 3 yrs of my life ... I had a good chat with President about it that night, and we were talking about my past, and who I am now ... He mentioned how my experiences have led me to be the great missionary that I am today and  who I am today is just the beauty of the atonement".  What he said was very profound and the Spirit was quite strong I am so grateful for the atonement!  The beauty of the atonement is how Christ can bring us back from darkness and help us to be stronger than we were before... I stand in ahh and all amazed! We are just so indebted to God! 
Thurs: We had more training it was great and were trained on how to be more effective leaders! It was great for STL's to come together and talk about how we can bring the level of skill among the sisters up! Its funny because we were discussing it with President and we were saying how things aren't the same as it is with elders; and we came to the conclusion how ZL's and DL's have always been around and most elders have a friend or family member who has been a ZL so their understanding on how to be a leader in a missionary way is so much more known and understood where for us as STL's we really are the "pioneers" of STL's haha ;) and how we will be able to help our daughters know of the responsibility and how to be most effective leader and also be able to just help future missionaries! So we are trial and error but we are going to have a 1.5 training with President and the assistants once every transfer to get the skill level up among the STL's and then we will have 1 24hr exchange a transfer and 1 visit during a transfer to and it will be known as a "training visit" to get the skill level up among the sisters we train. Because its true some sisters just don't get it and aren't as skilled. 
Sat: We had a free Hot chocolate booth, we picked up 3 new investigators and did a full day of finding! We really are not allowing failure to be an option and have decided that "other lessons" are not an option we must only have member presents! With Jordan 90% of his lessons are with member presents in members home, and we have seen so much success with him, he has attended every Sunday since end of Nov. he is receiving an assignment in the ward to play piano in priesthood, and he is just like a member, he is now fellowshipping our investigators at church its great! and he is doing great! 
Sunday: We had two investigators at church! Stephen who we picked up on Sat he is 27 and Jordan after wards there was a YSA activity at a members home where they had a "Work and the Glory" movie mart hone where Jordan actually invited Stephen to come to and drove him to the activity! Jordan watched all the Work and Glory movies and it was great! We showed up to the activity for an hour, we had a great lesson with Bob and Jo last night and we taught Hope one last time before I leave!
I will be leaving this Thurs morning to start in our new area, we will be white washing it Sister Keeler and I as there have not been sisters there for a few transfers.  Sis Starkie trained over the sisters that were there and apparently it was really under worked so i am looking forward to doing our absolute best and doing what the Lord needs done in that area.  I am looking forward to getting to know the members and the growth that will happen!
I love you all and hope you have a great day, and my prayer for you all is that you look at one thing you can sacrifice and do to serve others as it says in Mosiah 2:17 when we serve and stop holding the mirror up and seeing ourselves and look through the window we notice and see there are others around us that Heavenly Father needs us to help strengthen, bless, go be an answer to someones prayer this week! Sacrifice brings forth the blessings from heaven!
I love you all very much and thank you for your support!!
Have a great week mom and dad
Sister Pizzey

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