Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014
This video is amazing. This week has been amazing! This weekend has been amazing! One of the best of my life! The memories that are coming from my mission are ones I will remember for the eternities! I have had so many amazing experiences my heart is warm and full of love, appreciation and gratitude for everything my Savoir has done for me and for ALL of us!! 
This video is the best way that I can share with you my thoughts and feelings but as well I am going to write you about this amazing week! 
For the first time every I feel I have come to understand the true meaning of Easter. Christmas and Easter on my mission are ones never to be forgotten. I don't even know what my Easter was like in PEI last year... but this year I feel I celebrated it remembering and coming to a greater appreciation for Jesus Christ ... He is way to happiness, He is the light, everything good comes from Him.  My heart is just so full it truly brings me to tears pondering how without the Savor Jesus Christ and everything He has done for me I would not be anywhere close to here, all of these miracles in my life would cease to exist.  If it weren't for Jesus Christ we could never change, we could never overcome our sins and be forgiven. This week was amazing.
Last night we we had the BYU Idaho Sinfonetta here, as they are travelling and touring our mission and performing-a great missionary event! There was a concert Sat night at the Rebecca Cohn theatre in Halifax but last night they had a concert in our church in Cole Harbour for Easter.  It was amazing, there was a choir from all the wards and some missionaries were in it. Yesterday it was just the highlight of my mission sitting in the concert listening to this beautiful orchestra, the choir singing praises about our Lord our Redeemer! It really was a reunion!! All my old companions were there Sis Thompson, Sis Aslett, Jordan Comeau (convert-baptized in Kentville) was in the choir.  I had Erica sitting to my left, and Fergus (new Chinese investigator we picked up that day!) sitting to my right, and Betty sitting infront of us, highlight of my night was standing up and singing " He is Risen" and Fergus (Chinese gator) belting it out loud this song he never has song about His Savoir Jesus Christ, and me belting out ... looking around at my convert Jordan in the choir, looking around at the other two gators there, then Sis Keeler, SIs Aslett and Sis Thompson, all the other amazing missionaries I have grown to love and served around, all the members I Had grown quite close with in Kentville ward were there.... it was amazing!!!  All of this in my life would not be here if it were not for Jesus Christ! Oh my goodness like WOW I am just so blessed! like why me?! We are all so indebted to Him!! And I don't say these things to rejoice in my self I rejoice in the glory of my God and all He has done for me, it is a miracle and never in my life could I comprehend that this type of joy exists! Like a rejoicing moment like this is what the celestial kingdom will be, all us brothers and sisters singing rejoicing with one another as we praise our God and return to Him. This is what life is about and nothing else matters! The Gospel is true this is the Lords work not mine. I Know He Lives He Is The Christ! 
This week was amazing we had zone training, we had great lessons with Pam she is still on board for May 10! We picked up 4 new investigators and were busy handing out as many invites as we could to this BYU concert. We were able to talk to many people this week but let me tell you about the highlights of this week!
The Whalen family!! And Mom, Matt and Erica I taught them in Kentville ... they moved then I got transferred.  So we have been seeing miracles with the Whalen's!! That is another thing never in my life would I think I would be blessed to take part in teaching such an amazing family... and really its not me or Sis Keeler teaching it truly has been the Spirit.  When Sis T and I taught them in the valley, recently we took a break from teaching them for about two months here in Cole Harbour and during those two months Heavenly Father has been answering the prayers of many missionaries.  So two weeks ago Matt committed to read the BOM daily, because he knew this gospel was what their family needs but he just needed an answer that this is true. As well Sis keeler and I began teaching them again we noticed how when we taught them their questions were great and we could quickly shoot back an answer but it was a very logical approach and wasn't by the Spirit our teaching was a from our minds.... and well Heavenly Father knows what they need to hear and only we can know what that is by being calm and relying on the Spirit to guide our words and direction of our lessons. So every lesson Sis K and I would plead for the spirit for the gift of discernment and plead to help us to be humble and patient and rely on the Spirit. As we have taken that approach we have seen miracles in the Whalen families lives!! It is unbelievable!! Matt is so happy, and he and Isaac will be baptized together Sis K and I are hoping for May 17!!! It is unreal!! The gospel is first for him right now it is a priority! It is amazing!! We started teaching Erica's mom yesterday as well!! Looking back at everything I know this was totally Gods plan, ... Ahh I could go on for hours! But we are teaching Erica at home, Matt over skype, and her mother Kim and the elders of teaching Isaac! Are lessons are amazing with them! So spiritual! Every time we leave Sis keeler and I are just on a cloud and are like how?!? did this happen!?!? We are so blessed!!  This is an amazing Family!!
This week we drove a sister missionary to the airport who actually came out just a week ago.  She was home sick and went home... crazy and very sad I couldn't imagine leaving behind all the experiences and learning a mission has. Sad to see ... 
OKAY so yesterday haha sooo funny let me tell you the story what happened yesterday... so we taught Erica in the morning before church, and she invited us for Easter dinner that night and we were like ok! Awesome Easter dinner with the best family ever that we are teaching! So we go to church and Sis Belford is not there so literally the minute after church we  zoom out of the church to go see Sis Belford.  As we are walking on our way to her house we bump into this Chinese guy we invite him to learn and turn back around to head to the church to teach him! We had great first lesson with him, he actually lives in Halifax but decided randomly to take the bus that day to go to Cole Harbour and walk around Cole Harbour and BOOM he meets us right then and there in front of them temple and we teach him about the true and real reason for the season of Easter! So he is hilarious I love teaching Chinese people, takes me back to fond memories of teaching Chinese people!! haha. So he actually came to the concert that night, he is pretty great we have faith he will be baptised it is perfect because he will be attending the YSA ward in Halifax and they actually just started a chinese gospel principles class because there are alot of new Chinese members!! So on Tues we will be teaching Fergus again at the Halifax church this time where we will pass him over to Elders Prince and Evanson as they are the elders in his area! Such a tender mercy of the day!! So after the lesson we hop back on our journey to Sis Belfords and we get up to her apartment at 4 PM to see how she is doing and why she wasn't there.... as she opened the door, little did we know she did not come to church because she was busy laboring this fancy turckey dinner for us!! We did not know but she was expecting us for 5PM but we had a dinner with Erica already planned.  We did not have the heart to tell her that so we just acted like we arrived for "dinner" but really it was a blessing that we whipped on over to her house to check up on her for not coming to church haha oopsie! So sis keeler and I looked at one another and were like "oh boy this will be rough lets gear up!" So we ate quickly as SiS belfords left her a spiritual message and left in enough time to get to Erica's for a 2nd Easter dinner haha yikes.... so yes dad we did get fed quite well! but truly was hilarious and a memory Sis Keeler and I will have forever we both were smirking at both dinners haha!! 
This week was amazing we are seeing miracles here! The elders are having a baptism this Weds for a part-member family, it is a miracle Brandon is being baptised.  Just like a Matt story the gospel has changed Brandon.  He has be resisting the gospel for 6 years and he said that the reason why he is now is because before he was resisting the answer, but he finally let the wall down and he is a complete different person soooo happy!! The gospel changes lives!! Brandon is 24 a real "cool" guy ... The elders and sisters in the Cole harbour ward are seeing miracles! And we have faith that as we work right obedient and seek for the Spirit in all aspects the Lords work will continue to go forward!!
Lesson I learnt this week is never be complacent always seek strive for the Spirit... in all aspects of life, stop and ask yourself is this being conducive to the spirit? Because the Spirit will teach us all things we need to know. As members we can be casual with the spirit and just seeing the fire in Matt and Brandon they have a firmer belief and understanding of the gospel than most members do and that is because they are feasting and thriving for the spirit in their lives. It was like when I first came back to church, but when we are smooth sailing we forgot to continue to press froward and feast on the truths that can be manifested through the spirit... it is my fear for those who have never had to stand up for the testimony or never had it tried that they will miss out on the amazing blessings of drastic changes in their life and stepping out of their comfort zone because that is what the atonement is for and this life it for continual progression as the spirit prompts us!! 3 Nephi 12:6. 
It is my prayer for you that you will seek and strive to have the Spirit guide you this week and see miracles in your own lives as well in your own unique ways!
I love you all thanks for the support!
Love Sister Pizzey :)

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