Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

Okay so I am going to write a very quick letter! As we don't have much time but it has been a very great week!! I am loving serving here.
Alot of great things have happened and I am going to do my best at explaining it all!!
We have some amazing spiritual lessons this week!!
First off all.... haha MY BLOG... so a new sister missionary came here and I was paired up with her Weds night to street contact because Sis Keeler and I went to the mission office where we greeted all the new missionaries, then went downtown Halifax to work with them... and YES I saw Elder Gibb he is great definitely top shelf of his group. He will be a huge asset to this mission I can already tell def leadership skill there! But Sis Erickson and I were with one another and before she came out she totally has been reading my blog!! haha crazy! And then get this... so as you know we began teaching (Investigator couple) .... and side note I just know I am here to be teaching them!! But (couple) came across my blog and so they have been reading my novel of a blog!! haha like what the heck!? My investigators have been reading about me talking about them and my end of it hahah awkward but I think and hope it was strengthening for them to read they seemed to be very touched by and and enjoy it!!
Also I got my own personal facebook account this week! They are slowly allowing sisters to have it, Sis K and I are with the first 6 sisters of the mission to have one! It is amazing!! I am allowed to add everyone from my past areas that I have met... it is for missionary purposes only and we have it set up where we don't see any info of our friends news feed. It is so helpful in getting a hold of people and setting up appointments but also re-lighting peoples interest in the gospel people we have taught former gators or LAs, it was amazing to add the converts and ppl from Charlottetown ect.  When we make posts it is to inspire and spread gospel messages to others - for them to see on their news feed ...! So NO you can not add me! I will not add you! hehe Sister Huppe as already requested to be friends but I won't accept :)
So this week wow we have had amazing lessons with (investigator) it is amazing to see how the Lord has been softening and preparing his heart to accept the gospel. He is a great guy and I know he was a valient spirit in the pre existence and I feel so strongly that he will be a huge asset to the church when he is a member, totally elders quorm pres material. So we had a great lesson with (investiator couple and mother/inlaw) Monday night.    We decided to set up a  appointment to come back the next night with Pres Kidd so he could receive a priesthood blessing. Pres Kidd has been a member for 15 years joined when he was 35.  It was one of the most Spiritual lessons of my mission!! ( I know I say that alot!) The monday night before I new this lesson for the next would be soo crucial for (investigator’s) progression that as soon as we got out I looked at Sis K and said we are fasting so that nothing will get in the way of this lesson! We both felt very strongly that we needed too so nothing would get in the way from Satan tempting them to cancel the lesson etc.
So we came in and we taught him, I don't even remember what we taught but it was amazing, the Spirit directed all of our words which lead to and prepared (investigator) and Pres Kidd for the priesthood blessing. It was amazing, (investigator) felt the spirit so strong he said, he felt warm and just really great like fantastic! He laughed and was just like wow I can't believe I am saying this but it is true i feel great! Pres Kidd was able to point out that he would not experience these feelings if the gospel wasn't true and hadn't been restored.  At the end of the lesson I felt prompted to testify and say something along the lines "that if this gospel weren't true I would not have met you on my mission in Kentville, you would not have just moved there i know it was apart of gods plan for me to teach you, and now for me to be serving here teaching you (I was very emotional it was intense.  The spirit was so strong!)  I told them we fasted because we know this lesson was so important and we did not want anything to get in the way of it happening.. I said something not exactly but like, “I know that if I feel so strongly about you two and have such a strong desire for you to have the blessings of the gospel in your life, I can not imagine how much Heavenly Father feels. It was a tear dripper and we all just felt the spirit so strongly!
It was a powerful lesson.
We had a powerful lesson with a new investigator we taught with the elders.  Sis K and I found him a month ago he was busy in playoffs with his kids but this past week he texted us and said they got gold and we set up a appointment.  We had planned to pass him over to the elders but after the lesson we all felt we should continue teaching him. It was interesting teaching with the elders because one elder taught the whole thing the other said nothing. Sis keeler and I teach very unified with one another, it really is a blessing and unique. We can just walk into a lesson and both feed off one another but teach in a way that grabs the investigators attention and allows the Spirit to witness truth. We told the elders we wanted to observe them teaching to learn but we ended up jumping in and answering questions ... the Spirit was so strong for the both of us and prompting us and it really resonated with (Investigator). He is a single dad and hockey coach that is very involved with his children, it was amazing lesson and we look forward to teaching him again. We could tell he felt the Spirit as we testified and he wanted to learn more.
It was great being able to take the new sisters out, the sister I was paired up with use to be semi less active and was nervous about not knowing enough. I was able to be like okay sister you don't even know!? I did tell her of all the things I did not know before I got to the mtc, ha.  I was able to ensure her that as she did everything in regards to obedience and feasting on the scriptures, the Lord would qualify her and she would see the enabling power of the atonement.  It truly is a miracle I can teaching using the scriptures.  All 4 new sisters were from Utah ... and one seemed quite surprised about life outside of Utah, ha.
I love being a missionary sorry for the short letter. It was a great week! But we are going to go meet with the institute teacher here right now who is amazing and we are going to ask him some questions and have one on one teaching experience. Last time we met with him for 10 mintues he blew our minds away!
I love the gospel! I love feasting on the scriptures! 3 Nephi 12:6
Truly being consecrated to the gospel is like running up a escalator that is moving down, that is because satan will do whatever to water down our spiritual experiences and desire to do the Lords work! But being a disciple of Jesus Christ requires daily commitment but divine guidance! I love it and I know it to be true! If this church weren't true none of these experiences would be happening on my mission, I would not be changed and cleansed through the atonement of Christ!
Thinking of who I was seems like a movie another life, I am a complete new person through Christ! Mosiah 3:19
I would love to encourage all to feast on Christ words, don't hold back and step away from the world. There is a special spirit that can only be in our lives when we take part in the front lines of missionary work... So share the gospel and allow the spirit to direct and inspire you as to whom you shall share it with!!
I love you all very much ! Have a great blessed week!!
Sister Pizzey

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