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February 17, 2013 (Wowee 11 months?!? YIKES)

Thanks for your emails I much appreciate them wow it is at an end of transfer coming up here and this Sunday we open up our transfer emails! CRAZYCRAZY! I am expecting and hoping that Sis Keeler and I will both stay seated here!
So I just love serving here I could not imagine my life with out it! I love where I am serving it is so nice to be in the "metro" around President and Sister Leavitt, it is just so convenient! For example we will be having a lesson with Andre tomorrow at the mission home with President and Sister Leavitt.... YES at the MISSION HOME! the things you just appreciate sooo much when your mission is so huge!! As well Sister Keeler and I were able to bring Sister Leavitt with us to a lesson this week but unfortunately that person no showed us so we did not end up teaching with her.  We were talking with her in the car and we shared how we are just so happy to be serving around her and that we feel we have so much wisdom to learn from her.  She invited us to come over for lunch today!! And we had a fabulous lunch it was so much fun and so great! We have pictures that I will be sending! We got to see President Leavitt but we had a wonderful lunch with the 3 of us and I feel I just learnt sooooo much from her! Sis keeler and I always are having deep gospel conversations which proceed and open the door up for learning from one another.  I just learnt so much from her and feel like I have so much more of a clear understanding of where I want to be and how to get there!
So this week has been great we have done many unique ways of finding!!  We had a hot chocolate booth this week where Sis keeler and I handed out close to 100 cups of hot chocolate; we actually had to run home get some more hot chocolate it was such a success! We are becoming better known in the community, which we feel will lead to success in due time! We started volunteering at the hair salon which was great! We organized their color and got to know all the stylists in the hair salon real well!  They all love us there and actually a member from our ward and her family are faithful clients of theirs! It really is so much fun and such  a great service opportunity! -- memorizes of a lifetime!
President Leavitt has talked about the 4 ways that lead to success they are;
1) Faith of the missionaries
2) Skill of the missionaries
3) Faith, skill, and dedication of the members
4) Preparedness of the people
And we are really trying to apply all 4 of those in this area. Sister Keeler and have been having great companion studies.  We have been doing all we can to serve love and strengthen this ward and warm them up to missionary work, and we feel through finding unique ways to serve in the community we will be able to soften the hearts to the community and like us! So far we have been blessed to see that things have been working!
We are seeing success with two investigators the hearts of the people here are certainly hard but we have been seeing success in many different ways! Andre is still progressing great.  We talked to close to 300 ppl this week in inviting them to learn about this gospel and picked up no investigators but it is okay! We are looking forward to this week and have faith that we will find new investigators; it is all about a consistent effort.
Since this area does not have a busy high populated area to go "street contact" people we go to grocery store parking lots, and bus terminals haha it is great! We also have been doing alot of knocking, service and working with the members! We are teaching a family in the wards friend this Saturday.  She is a single mother and has had contact with the church before.  We are so looking forward to be able to teach her with them because WE ARE ONE and then with that same family we are going over for dinner next Monday and they are having another family over for dinner!  They are absolutely fantastic and everyone should follow their example :)
This ward is embracing us finally and it is great! We are having a dinner apt everyday this week and on Weds two times because we are having the New Glasgow sisters come visit in our area that day so both sets of us will be able to come it is great! Normally I would rather to go work, but dinner apts are not for the food, it is to gain trust and get in the hearts of the members and inspire and uplift them to do missionary work every which is the BEST work ever!!
Church was cancelled everywhere on Sunday here except for our ward and Dartmouth ward so in our ward we had like 12-16 missionaries attend! Sis Belford (LA from New York) attended church in this "flash freeze" storm for her 3rd week in a row, it was such a blessing to see!
We are having a visit with the New Glasgow sisters this week and a mini exchange with the Dartmouth sisters, we will be having a leadership training this Weds where our zone; Elder Jarvis and Steed and Sis K and I are giving a 25 minute Doctrinal Discussion together on the power of BOM in conversion! I have studied about that this morning in preparing for that and I really have come to realize that the Book Of Mormon is UNREAL and that is is the keystone to our conversion and lives!
We are seeing so much here, and we are at the start of a great work in this area! I love my mission so much it has completely changed me I can not believe 11 months ago I was giving ya'll a hug goodbye in the airport time has gone by so fast and yet I feel like a completely different person at who I was then. I hope to continually change so that when I am home I can continue to do what is right and be an instrument in the Lords hands. Volunteering in the hair salon on Thurs really made me realize how perfect of job it is, to love others and build them up and...SHARE THE GOSPEL AND BE A LIGHT AND AN EXAMPLE TO ALL. I can not wait to practice these skills in the future and continue to bring others into the Light of righteousness.
I love you all it is a great day to be a Mormon  and a missionary!!
Sister Pizzey

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