Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014

So this has been an amazing week! I can't believe how much Sis K and I are going through and learning it truly is amazing and I feel so blessed to be serving with her. I know me serving a mission is apart of Heavenly Fathers plan.  It truly is amazing, we are meeting people and serving around missionaries that we know we are here to help.  As well we are learning things from one another that I don't think I would ever be able to learn from anyone else!  I stand all amazed and am so grateful to be here, I could not imagine my life without this mission.
So WOW this has been an amazing week !
Monday we started teaching the MOST prepared investigator every like SERIOUSLY. It was a blessing straight from heaven.  Andre requested missionaries from mormon.org we started teaching him Monday night and put him on date for March 8th!  He has already booked work off for it and informed his boss that he can't work Sundays because church is a priority.  He is french catholic from Montreal has been here 30 yrs and is in his 50s. He has a wife who is not interested YET but he is working on her! He came to church Sunday and everyone loved him and we have been teaching him in members homes, and we will be actually be teaching a lesson with him and the Bishop tomorrow! Truly was such a miracle and mercy from the Lord to be teaching him. He called us last night after church and left a voice-mail about how excited he is and that he cannot but the BOM down.  After every lesson Sis K and I are just like "WOW did that just happen?!" And Sis K coming from Newfoundland for 10 months is just like "people like this actually do exist??!"
haha we have been blessed :)!
So you are all going to laugh but we have set up some amazing service opportunists in this community because one way to success is softening the hearts of the people living here by helping them see us in a different light and see that we are cool! hhah.  So we are doing the hot chocolate booth with the elders but as well Sis Keeler and I set up to work in a salon two hours a week thurs from 1-3 hahaha. President Leavitt okayed it and think it is a great idea! As literally we will be salon assistants at "Fusion Hair Studio" a classy busy new high end salon full of kingdom builders - our fear was we would be around trashy people but we had a great talk with the owner this morning.  We are on the floor mixing colors, sweeping, booking hair appointments and seating and greeting people.  I will be helping more hands on, taking down colors etc! hahaha its great and if their clients ask what we do we are allowed to talk about it, just as long as they start the convo. The owner has asked to many questions like "what are your beliefs?" why do you do this? haha she loves us and it will be great!
So we had a leadership training this week for District leaders and sister training leaders and zone leaders in nova scotia it was great! and then Sis K and I picked up 3 new gators this week and have some potentials lined up for this week we are hoping to begin teaching!
One lady named Betty whose friend is a member in Sackville, and referred us to her, she is going through a hard time and funny thing is she came to the church for an activity and accidentally walked in the temple and she said she felt the Spirit so strongly, we are hoping to have her attend church this week and have her on date!
We are hoping as well to get a free hair cutting booth set up a the farmers market as well!
So many amazing things have happened this week but also hard things as well. Sis K and I are serving in a District of missionaries that are struggling, 3 of the 6 other missionaries in our District were actually about to go home; 2 because of discouragement and 1 because of illness. All of these things have led to a really discouraged slow district.  We are working hard with training and trying to motivate the sisters to be unified.  It was sad to see missionaries struggling so much and missing out on the joy and blessings a mission can bring- yes its hard but its like a refiners fire every growing pain is so worth it! It was saddening to see this all and Sis K and are were so grateful to be serving with one another through this all!  
It has been an amazing week of growing, learning, and teaching! Things with the ward are going better and better! Sis K and I had a great meeting with the Bishopric yesterday, just us two as the elders could not make it; it was funny this is the most "hip hoppiting" Bishopric ever.  They all look Blakes age and are like Blake and also have young families, they are pretty casual which is weird for me but they are so willing to help us out and be one with us.  We are learning lots from them and we are all working together on helping the ward be a more welcoming ward and not so clicky.
This week has been one for learning and I feel so blessed! I am working on changing my diet consecrating that aspect of me to the work and giving up my unhealthy eating and being more charitable to others!
Sis Keeler and I are having a blast and building a friendship for eternity we totally were pre-mortal besties ;)
I LOVE you all and hope my letter was not to confusing to follow along and understand!  This is another crazy week in a life of a missionary!!
Have a great week!
xoxox Love,
Sister Pizzey

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