Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Are you getting a few emails each week from people?
Yep each week I open up to 16 emails or so ...

How does the cooking go?  Is sister Huppe a cook?
We have had about 5 meals since we have been here.... and we don’t really cook food. We have pasta, cereal, fanciest thing I will cook is toasted sandwich with egg, ham, cheese and tomatoes or subway... lol and sorry I have spent on debt this week! Money was tight this month with coming in new apt so much food to buy, like condiments, etc!

Do your days still go by fast? Do you have any trouble going to bed at 10:30?
Days go by sooo fast when you’re busy in the work with your heart and mind in will with Christ's will .  I will like eat, sleep, breathe and think of my investigators and finding ideas and what and who next we need to call etc!  So much to do, the important thing is having a plan to achieve all your goals and a busy missionary is a happy missionary.  And as soon as I lay my head on that pillow at night I’m out! haha.

So this week was good! A hard one! On Tuesday we had exchanges and (sister – from Paige’s mtc district) came to Charlottetown to serve with me for 24hrs.  Keep in mind this sister was in my MTC district ! haha yea so us two greeny’s serving and I’m acting as senior companion. yea it was scary! We had a lesson with (investigator) and well let’s just say we learned a lot that lesson! ha-ha It didn't go the smoothest it was really hard.  But we knocked on doors and did a lot of street contacting, found a new investigator, and few potentials!  (Sister)  is really timid at people’s doors, so I would have to really take over and direct the ship! So it was a big rely on the Spirit day and really awesome because we learnt a lot.

We are planning lots with YSA right now and we have an activity this Thursday night.  It’s going to be the night for "ysa fhe".  We are having a breakfast for dinner at the church and a speaker and spiritual though on "arise and shine forth". It’ll be awesome!  And a great activity to invite the people we are teaching. We are really working on as many unique finding ideas as possible instead of the usual knocking and street contacting.  We still will be doing those but we are going to start a English class!  We have a lot of foreigners that will come, we are also going to volunteer to cut hair at old folks home, and with the ward we are going to have 5 firesides within 6 months.  Each fireside is on each of the lessons in PMG chap 3 so one is Restoration, the Plan of salvation so on. So it will be a great opportunity to prepare future missionaries in the ward with teaching it and also opportunity to invite everyone we meet.  We are planning 3 activities; one carnival in June, then a night of Christ in July potentially with on the missionaries on PEI and then at the end of summer a BBQ in July with church tours for all of them.

So we had a mission tour this past week! And a zone conference all day Friday. (My zone leader’s sister is that girl that was Dan England’s date for Blake’s wedding!) He is awesome Elder Zoserwoambee some crazy last name that I don’t know how to spell.  But Elder Walker of the seventy was here! And he was an amazing person to learn from, from the hrs of 8:30 am-4pm Friday in Moncton. He is in charge of the temples; he actually was just at the Edmonton temple and spoke with temple Pres Card he told me. He had sooo many cool stories and works hand in hand with Elder Bednar, past prophet Hinckley, all the apostles and presidency so it was awesome!  I feel so blessed to be in this mission like seriously, it’s the best mission out there and I’m not bias. All the missionaries are all so devoted to the work and helping everyone complete are goals and help souls come unto Christ. I love all the missionaries we serve with. And President Leavitt is seriously an inspiring man, he is the best!  He is such an example of how friending people, building relationships are really quite easy and sharing the gospel with that comes quite easy after that.  I honestly can see him as a general authority some day.  I feel so honored and blessed to have been placed here, and I can tell Heavenly Father really does know me because all the people I serve with are just so awesome and people I really respect and learn a ton from.

(Investigator) was quite stubborn this week about WOW, but she came to church yesterday, and she loves us, I feel it just has to be on her own time, and you can really tell the wheels are turning.   We got 3 new investigators yesterday! And 6 new ones this week!  One is a mother who is a former member and her daughter who is 14, I truly feel (daughter) has been prepared for us and she needs the gospel. Her mother is awesome and nice, but you can tell things in her life need to be sorted out.  (Daughter) is a gorgeous girl who doesn’t believe in god.  It’s really sad you can tell she has so much stress and sadness in her life, I mean she needs the gospel, it will change her life!  She agreed to read the BOM and pray every day and have us txt her every night to remind her!  We have like 3 investigators we are texting that to right now.  I love being a missionary because you see everyone in the eyes of Christ and their worth and where and who they can be.  I love seeing others this way and loving them and doing everything in my power with the spirit prompting me to help them to become who they can be.  Last night (mother) texted us asking us to pray for (her daughter) as she was having a rough night and suffers from depression. It’s really sad.  Sis Huppe and I feel like something really wrong has happened in her life that she’s holding in.  Never have I seen a 14 yr old with the biggest bags and just looking so run down and deeply saddened and stressed. She has opened up when we are speaking to her alone.  So we will see what happens this week but I know that her reading the BOM with help her with whatever she is dealing with.
Driving home from Moncton (sister) was crying because she is having a hard time adjusting to mission life, and we all were helping her. Sis Davis and Sis Huppe were saying how it took them 3-6 months to get in the swing of things to fully enjoy the work. And how at the beginning they wished they broke arm to go home! I was in shock. I couldn’t imagine feeling that way, which would call for the longest 3-6 months of your life! I feel for her.  So I gave her the 4th missionary talk and bore my testimony on how when your heart and mind is in Christ will it will change your mission etc.  I just feel so grateful and blessed that I don’t feel that way; I mean I feel guilty when I think of home during the week other than on preparation day haha to the point where I have removed our family photo off my desk! haha. Sorry fam; family picture has retired to the suit case from now on ;)

I love being on a mission I mean I know this has already changed my life and I love it because it’s changing me as a person as well, I’m learning patience and faith that can’t be moved even when times are hard.  I’m fully submitting myself to the Lord so the spirit of God can run right through me as I teach.  It’s an amazing experience and I love serving people and loving them and fully caring for their needs and not my own.  It is truly the most happiest and rewarding work.  I find I’m already so less not consumed about my appearance, myself, all the worldly needs of happiness. And I’m experiencing a happiness that is fully different from any happiness of the world.  Every long hill we bike on as the wind is smacking us in the face, as my toes are numb and I can’t feel them while I’m walking, I’m happy, it’s weird. haha. I love it though! Every hard work is enjoyable.  I learn to smile everywhere!  Like legit ride my bike with a smile showing all my teeth and it changes your day, I love smiling at every single person I see and just sincerely meaning it and saying hi and bringing happiness to everyone days. I mean when you are biking up a hill, toes freezing, balancing a body weight (shoulder bag) against the wind and you have a big smile on your face you can’t help but to love it all and laugh.  I recommend trying it to everyone just a big teeth smile throughout your whole day and you will see the change it makes!  We are really growing close with everyone in the ward, and loving them all so much I love our ward!  They all love us and when they see us bike to church they just love us even more for that and make fun of the elders for driving to church while we bike haha its awesome.
Anyway I love you all so much! I only have like an hour today to write, Montague sisters are coming here for the day, we are going to go eat together, then go to the hair distributor so sisters can get products discounted! It will be a fun day!
I love hearing about Sundays and Avery being the ring leader!  And how all is well! I keep all you in my prayers! And just saw Kamry’s email.  If I don’t reply this week its cause I have no time but I promise I will next week!!
Love Sister Pizzey xoxox!

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