Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013

Serious the Week goes go by so fast! I feel the same way Mom, I write a letter, then bam its Saturday and I’m like whoa time fly’s!
So yes I was able to see Nakita Monday! Elder Gross and I played against her and Elder Bodine and Sister Huppe wrote letters on the side of the court!  It was really fun.  And yes we have been trying to contact ....(girl from Nakita’s team) the first week we were here but we weren’t able to, so I was so stoked when we found out Nakita knew her.  So I called her and started the convo being like you know Nakita?! Haha We have met and taught her.  It went really well, I shared with her about my reactivation.  She’s unsure right now about things, but she has agreed to let us teach her every week, since I told her I need the practice.  I have faith that she will come back so I’m really excited!
And yes Maryjane that is Sis Hatch's friend, we met her yesterday! She’s awesome, she’s the relief society president. That whole family the MacEacherns ah!  Are just so wonderful like (bball girl teaching) and Maryjanes mom, Mary, is basically our mother here.  We are going to her house every Monday to do our laundry because it’s like $4 to wash and dry our clothes a load in our apartment!  Another couple in our ward the Steen’s! O the Steen’s I love them sooo much!  We told them they are our grandma and grandpa in PEI.  Like seriously Bro Steen is from Boston, he has the Boston accent he is hilarious and Sis Steen is so kind and loving.  We are going over to the Steen’s tonight with our investigator (investigator) for FHE and things with (investigator) are going well! We are working towards Baptism on May 4th.  She has been receiving the answers to her questions. She said she did know now because an overwhelming feeling of happiness came upon her as she prayed and listened.  We were like yes! That is the Holy Ghost and that is your answer. So things are going well. Faith is what it takes – “we need to know people can change. We need to see men not in the present, but as they can become.” Yes mom you are right that is what gives us the ability to see the potential in everyone. With people I will picture them in the temple or all in white while I’m teaching them so that I know and have faith that they are capable of that through the help of Jesus Christ.

President and Sister Leavett came to see us this week! I just love them so much. They brought us bikes!!! They are green matching bikes with baskets in the front, so cute! I love riding bikes so fun! And for some reason on a bike compared to walking I will say hi to anyone and everyone way more.  Before walking I’d say hi to people or I would walk past.  But now I will yell hello to someone walking on the other side of the street in the opposite direction! It is really fun and I love it!  So this week scripture that has opened my eyes is D&C 60:2-3.  Now this scripture I love, it really helps me realize the importance of not shying or cowering away, out of fear of mans (peoples) opinion. I realized we all have been given talents and we should not hide them, we are given them for a reason. So when I read this I stopped being timid or afraid and I was proud to go door to door and knock on those doors and be excited to use my talent of talking to people and my talent of knowing this gospel is true and that through the grace of Jesus Christ we can be saved and this is how! And how FAITH is the key to everything! I mean I thought I had an understanding of faith before my mission, but not at all! I mean you have to have faith that when a person is looking at you like you’re carrying a disease (in some cases) on their doorstep; that as you speak from the spirit they will feel the spirit and I can have faith their hearts can be softened.  I need faith that as I’m teaching that I can make sense, faith that as we are teaching people that the spirit can teach them and they will have a desire to change that they will come to know that there is no amount of happiness compared to the happiness received in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So (investigator)! Update on him! His date for Baptism May 26 - two days after his court date! He met with Pres Leavitt and he said he thinks things will work out for him so that is good! We have been continuing to teach him.  We are teaching him the WOW tomorrow (word of wisdom). And yes I’m little nervous about this but he knows our church is true. And I have faith in the spirit that he will also come to know that drinking etc. what most 20 yr olds partake of outside of WOW is temporal happiness.  We are also teaching (investigator) the WOW.  We are teaching lots of people we got 5 new investigators this week! We currently have 4 progressing investigators.  One sister is leaving to China for a month and another Chinese girl who is very excited about the gospel is leaving this week home to China for the summer.  We will teach her wed. then we will see her in August!  (Investigator) is another guy from Africa; he has two kids an 8 yr old boy and 4 yr old girl. The mom isn’t really in the picture. He knows ALOT about religion, at first we thought he was going to Bible bash; we met him at a bus stop. But we met with him last night and we are seeing him tonight at 8.

And yes I did go on exchanges, there are two companionships on PEI of sisters, so I went to Montague (45min-hr drive) and I was with Sister Davis.  She is a really sweet girl she goes home in August. I realized that my many prayers about my trainer were in fact answered, because I didn’t realize how much I have learned from her.  My trainer Sister Huppe is the DL for the sisters.  I forget the name, main trainer? 

And Holland is not till this weekend. We drive to Montague sat night then stay at an apartment there with the Montague sisters then all missionaries will go to Fredericktown for stake conference to see Holland! I can’t wait! I should see Elder Prince there as well!
I am starting A mission binder, I have dividers for each section for  chap 3 ... so 5 dividers, then I have sections in the dividers for each points, and I’m going to put all my notes in the organized section with scriptures that go along for the topics and yea ! I’m excited I feel it will help me understand things and study better because well you all know studying is not my cup of tea! Also Sister Huppe and I made sticky note wall for finding ideas, service ideas, potentials, investigators it’s pretty legit! I took a picture I will send it to you guys.  Don’t judge our desks though they weren’t the cleanest this morning! And then this week we are making an 8ft by 8ft map of Charlottetown on our wall in the office, we are going to highlight all the streets we have knocked on, put color organized dots for the formers in each area, potentials, investigators, LAs etc.  So ya basically the sweetest map every to make our missionary work and planning more effective so we can visually see and find the elect who are prepared!! BAM! I can’t wait!

We are also working with the 15’ish YSA here and getting activities going.  They have nothing and the people we are teaching; 1) needs activities to attend other than church to meet members and 2) some of the people we teach already want to go to them! So yea I gave them the idea of calling an fhe mom and dad from the ysa.  I think they will be doing that, then were going to have an activity every 2 weeks.   We will go from there and hopefully progress to more. I really didn’t realize how amazing the YSA in Edmonton is till now. I mean I am soooo blessed to have such an amazing ysa at home and the amount of members and activities.  I had totally taken it all for granted.

We also are going to be starting an English class for free; someone in the ward will be the teacher.  This way the foreigners, which are a ton, who can’t speak English will go and also opens up more missionary opportunities! So we will be getting that going in next couple of weeks. We have a rc(recent convert) whose from China here, we had a potential who is named Bob he is from China and he doesn’t speak any English so Saturday we took Yao and taught him and then she spoke to him for us, it was really cool! I mean we didn’t understand anything he was saying at all or what she was saying but it was so cool because we could really feel the spirit. I don’t think he was entirely interested but the spirit was still strong and he is coming to our English class so yea PLANTING SEEDS!  The Vietnamese family dropped us yesterday :( it was weird like closest thing I had to a breakup in like a year! It ended in them telling us "they will call if they need us”.....It was sad but I have faith the Lord is preparing us for something! And I’m not going to allow Satan to get me down.

This week I was reading 2 Nephi 9-21, and it’s the Isaiah part. Usually I just read these parts to read because it’s so confusing, but I really prayed to have the spirit help me to understand. Also when I started reading the BOM this time I did what Blake did at the start of his mission highlight every time Christ is spoken about, which is ALOT.  I find I understand it so much better and way differently than I ever have! I would suggest all you to try it! When I read 2 Nephi 9-21 it was really cool because I feel it applies SO much to this time we are in now. 2 Nephi 13: 16 READ IT. I love it and I’m so grateful for miracles and how the atonement can truly change someone, because it sure has changed me! Not only using the atonement for repentance but allows us to reach fullest potential.  I’m not saying I’m there yet, a work in progress, becoming who God wants us to be. But anyway reading those chapters really helped me when we come across people who are hard hearted at the doors or on the street; it really kind of opened my eyes.  These scriptures truly apply to this day and age.

Is Kamry ready to pop? When is she having the baby?! This week? Anyway I’m happy to hear Millie went to a good family not really sure about her new name though.  So cool dads knew calling!! Mom does that mean you will be going to YSA?!  And Blake and Linds you get to go to New York!!! What! So crazy! And see the sacred Grove I’m very jealous and excited for you guys! Hope all is well for the Hirsche’s, Heavenor’s and Low’s.
Love you ALL soooo MUCH!!!!!
xoxo Sister Pizzey

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