Thursday, March 21, 2013

First email - MTC March 18, 2013

Hey so I got no mail from you guys but anyways I hope I have your emails right cause I don’t know them so I am just taking a swing at them!
This week as been sooooo amazing like happiest week of my life.  I can tell the Lord knows exactly what we need and has blessed me immensely. My companion is Sister Keeler YES Ateena Keeler from Raymond that I talked to on Facebook before! I LOVE my district and my teachers are sooooo awesome! Like seriously I feel so blessed for the experience I’ve been having at the MTC thus far. I haven’t even had time to feel homesick or think of home, and I feel with the most humble way of saying this; I came in with an advantage, because I knew I was going to learn a ton and had a ton to learn coming into the MTC.  So I had no pride of thinking I had nothing to learn if that makes sense.  It’s really awesome the way I think of things now, there so much more significant to me like the Holy Ghost WOW.  All I can say, we have been taught to completely use the Holy Ghost … to truly love our investigators so we can look at them through Christ's eyes, the Spirit is soooo strong and you teach a lesson coming from the Holy Ghost not a script!
We have had soooo many crazy spiritual experiences this week; I can tell each companionship is truly inspired from the Lord and the mission.  So my district 6 sisters, we are all going to Halifax, 5 of us sisters from Alberta and 1 from Vegas, 6 elders going to California 2 of them are going to different  missions then the rest in California. This week had been crazy and I won’t be too surprised if I come here to teach at the MTC after my mission I love it that much.  My teacher Brother Yack is a huge example of Christ like love and charity and what I want to be like.  Sister Stanstrom is our lady teacher is she is awesome as well.
The other day our lesson was on revelation through prayer and bro yack sent us to go pray truly to God for 15 mins.  So we left our companions and sis Keeler and I went to a room and it was truly the best experience yet.   …   Anyway I knew I needed that experience, I needed to be reminded of my blessings and that my experience is exactly what I want to bring to others. It was a uh Ah moment for me to realize that the timing of my coming back was on the Heavenly Fathers time, cause serving a mission is where I need to be.
Anyway when we all came back to the classroom the spirit was sooo strong we were all crying it was awesome we all shared are experiences and learned how we can receive revelation through prayer.
We have been doing fake investigator lessons our investigator is Anthony we have got him committed to pray first lesson, second lesson sis keeler and I got him to commit to baptism and reading the BOM it was awesome! Brother Yack told us that our lesson we had was the best one he seen in the MTC so far. I feel so blessed this week and am so happy I love being a missionary and couldn’t of expected my experience to be this awesome.
Sister Keeler and I get along awesome all of us 6 sisters are crammed into one room YES one room we don’t even have enough closet space haha but whatever its awesome. Sister Keeler and I make goals every night, praying for charity love and patience for ppl we serve and ppl we serve with, to be EXACT obedience cause that makes miracles, and we pray together every night we say goodnight i love you hah its awesome. There so much I want to tell but sooo little time, but I’m learning to use the spirit and really realized that Christ is the ultimate missionary that I’m striving to be like, he taught simple doctrine that were teaching now the key to teach for the Investigator is simplicity and as simple as teaching a primary kid faith in Christ and atonement, repentance, baptism, holy ghost enduring to the end and most importantly to teach with the Holy Ghost so we can feel prompted to teach directly for the needs of the investigator to speak coming from Christ. I have realized the Lord is with us through faith tiny amounts of faith.
Kay so anyway I hope that all made sense I have absolutely no time so good thing I got no email I guess haha so I can’t type this all!
But anyway I’ll explain everyone in my district
Sis Keeler: She’s a lot like me great social skills and understanding of what’s weird and not ( like me) she’s totally smart in gospel,  we balance each other out perfectly.  I can connect with ppl really well personally, I can tell what they need easily (luckily some gift ) and feel prompted to say what they need, and she can give them straight up doctrine.  I LOVE her,  best companion we hope will serve together in Hali.
Oh yea and I met an elder yesterday whose going to Halifax French speaking
Sis Lee and Sis Samberg: Sis Samberg are from BC and sis Lee from Vegas LOVE them both sis Lee is such genuine spirit and loves music, sis Samberg is so kind laid back, 19 yrs old.  Sis Olsen and sis Thompson: very suited for each other, that is why companions are soo inspired from god and we all suit each other perfectly! Sis Olsen is Ross Humphreys cousin she is crazy smart and sis Thompson is 19, young she is always telling stories,  it’s hilarious
Anyway I have min left have to go I’ll try to send pics next week love you guys and maybe write me next week.
LOVE, SISter Pizzey

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